Historical Arizona Art

The Blue Coyote Gallery offers consultations and representation on collections, estates, and individual works.   We purchase or accept on consignment single pieces or entire collections.  The gallery specializes primarily but not exclusively in works by artists who lived or painted extensively in Arizona and the Southwest prior to 1980.   We are always looking to purchase or accept on consignment work by the following artists:

Harrison Begay Ralph Goltry Fred Sayre
Francis H. Beaugureau Paul Grimm Ross Santee
Dorothy Bergamo John Wade Hampton Ernest Beach Smith
Earl Carpenter John Hilton Lillian Wilhelm Smith
Paul Coze Erna Lange Ross Stefan
Lavaun Curtis Charles LaSalle Ray Strang
Jasper D'Ambrosi Lotan Lotan & Ruth Lotan David Swing
Mary Russell Ferrell Colton Brownell McGrew James Swinnerton
Kate Cory Joy Navasie Oscar Strobel
Adee Dodge Willard Page Marjorie Thomas
Paul Dyck Poko Petek Harry Wagoner
Jessie Benton Evans Claire Dooner Phillips Harold Buck Weaver
Dee Flagg Burt Procter Curtis Wingate
Seymour Fogel Marjorie Reed Stephan Willard
Clyde Forsyth Don Ruffin  

The gallery is always interested in acquiring work by other noteworthy Arizona, Southwest and Native American artists as well. We welcome and offer our services to private collectors, estates, and museums.  We also offer consultations and assistance in helping clients or organizations put together collections or acquire individual works.  

The Blue Coyote Gallery also offers appraisal services for tax, estate and personal purposes.  Gallery owner Gary Fillmore is a member of the International Society of Appraisers.  Click here for information on appraisals.

One of the Blue Coyote Gallery's primary objectives is to acquire biographical information about historically important Arizona artists. Background and biographical information about many of the deceased artists we represent is often very sketchy and limited at best. We are trying to acquire information before people who knew these artists personally are no longer around. 

If you knew any of the artists listed above personally, or knew someone who did, we would be grateful if you could share any biographical information, stories, or anecdotes you may have. Information can be sent via email or postal mail. We would also be glad to arrange interviews either via telephone or in person. 

Please contact Gary Fillmore at gary@bluecoyotegallery.com

or 480-489-3413





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Marjorie Reed Historical Arizona Artist

Jessie Benton Evans Historical Arizona Artist

James Swinnerton Historical Arizona Artist

David Swing Historical Arizona Artist

Claire Dooner Phillips Historical Arizona Artist

Adee Dodge Historical Arizona Artist

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